Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bahrain: Bahrain Ends 2012 International Airshow with $930 Million in Deals

SOURCE Kingdom of Bahrain

signed more than $930 million in business deals at the 2012 Bahrain International Airshow, as the event's 60,000 visitors simultaneously helped boost the economy.

"We are happy that despite the difficult times we have had in the last year, we have been able to host a very successful show," Civil Aviation Affairs Under-Secretary Captain Abdulrahman Al Gaoud said. "Everyone who has taken part is happy."

Among the participants, were the U.S. Air Force, which flew aircraft from the Air Mobility Command and Air Combat Command, and the U.S. Navy, which also conducted stunning aerial displays.

"We always look forward to highlighting the great relationship we have with the Kingdom of Bahrain, one of our strongest partners in the region," Col. Dean Neeley, the U.S. Air Forces Central Security Cooperation Director, said. "We are honored to once again get the invitation to come here and participate in this important event."

Building on the success of this year's show, Bahraini officials are already developing expansion plans for the 2014 show.

"We have plans to build a new car park, a brand new and much bigger public area as well as increase by 50 per cent the trade area for the next show," Capt. Al Gaoud said.