Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Serbia: Serbia starts implementing part of agreements reached with Pristina

Government of Serbia

Belgrade, 13 Dec 2011 – Head of the Serbian team for dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic stated that Serbia today began to implement a part of agreements reached in dialogue with Pristina, with EU mediation, primarily the agreement on customs seals and registers of births, marriages and deaths.

Stefanovic told Tanjug news agency that as soon as the Serbian government passes the required decisions, the remaining agreements will also be implemented.

Besides the agreement on customs seals and registers, at the previous session the government also passed a Decree on the special manner of processing data in the land cadastre for the Autonomous Province of Kosovo-Metohija, which will soon be enforced.

Stefanovic voiced his expectation that the government will soon adopt decrees on university degrees and administrative crossings.

Belgrade will work to ensure that the agreements reached start to be implemented as soon as possible, although there are no precise deadlines for that, except for the obligation to allow free movement across the administrative crossings of Merdare and Konculj by 26 December, the Head of the Serbian team for dialogue with Pristina said.

He noted that there are agreements that regulate this matter and explained that the Serbian government should now adopt by-laws that will enable passage with KS licence plates and proper certifications across the administrative line.

Stefanovic voiced hope that the negotiations with Pristina will be resumed immediately after the New Year, adding that it is possible to reach an agreement on Pristina’s regional representation if Pristina gets more constructive in the negotiations.