Thursday, December 08, 2011

Opinion: Truth is only dangerous to the dangerous

I have a saying, "Truth is only dangerous to the dangerous" which is why The Dangerous go to such desperate and often deadly lengths to suppress it. But Truth is not so easy to silence. It has no fear and does not hide behind desks, nor behind the machinery of war and destruction. It keeps taking the blows, getting back up and marching bravely and proudly onwards.

So those of you who want to silence Truth, you can never rest easily and smugly on your laurels. Truth will always find a way. For those who put their faith in Truth, instead of in the wheels that spin your web of lies and deceit, have the courage you lack. They believe in something that is for all, the past, present and future, the betrayed, the forgotten and the broken.

What Truth starts, is no longer easy for you to stop. And all you can do is hope that Truth extends to you, the fairness in justice you have denied so many.