Wednesday, November 02, 2011

South Sudan: ’Stop using witchdoctors’ Eastern Equatoria tells citizens

The Sudan Tribune reports the deputy governor of Eastern Equatoria state, Nartisio Loluke Manir, on Friday called upon his community to stop seeking medical assistance from witch doctors but rather go the health centers for treatment.

“So many of our people in the villages are suffering from diseases that could have been treated in the early stages at the medical facilities, but they instead go to witchdoctors for treatment who often treat them thus leading to the death of many of the patients”, said Loluke.

He called upon health workers to observe ethical standards in the execution of their duties.

“Sometimes when you go the health facilities in the rural areas, you will find no single staff on duty. Some of the patients become even sicker because no health worker is there to attend to them” he said.