Thursday, November 17, 2011

Opinion: Australia says 'yes' more often

During his brief and much postponed tour of "America's closest ally", President Obama announced a greater military presence in the Pacific theatre. America will not fail to protect the region from any threat to security and democracy.

Very nice.

In other words the U.S. wants U.S. troops on Australian soil, in case it needs to embark upon yet another costly and unsuccessful campaign in the guise of security, freedom and democracy. And as usual Mr. Obama, Australian governments will be right behind you all the way, waiting for any goodies you might cast our way in gratitude.

Thank you for finally visiting Australia Mr. Obama, and for your constant and embarrassing use of outdated Australian slang to demonstrate your empathy towards this country. In return, yet another Australian Prime Minister obliged by saying the three words every US President loves to hear from Australian leaders -

Yes Mister President.