Saturday, November 26, 2011

Malaysia: Malaysian court to submit documents on Bush, Blair crimes to UN

Source: IRNA

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 26, IRNA – A Malaysian war crimes court will submit documents on crimes committed by the former US president George W Bush and the UK ex-premier Tony Blair in Iraq to the United Nations.

The court will also inform the UN of the verdict issued for Bush and Blair by a symbolic war crime tribunal session held in Malaysia recently.

Talking to IRNA, a Malaysian law expert who was present in the symbolic court said that the final verdict issued for these war criminals will be submitted to the coming session of the UN General Assembly.

Sing said the holding of the symbolic court and the verdict it issued aimed at speeding up the process of ending the US occupation of Iraq.

He noted that though the verdict issued by the court was just a symbolic one, the documents used for it were so authentic and reliable that they could be used in any real tribunal in future.