Saturday, November 05, 2011

Iran: US is flagman of world terrorism: Vice president

Source: IRNA

US is flagman of world terrorism: Vice president

Tehran, Nov 5, IRNA – US is flagman of world terrorism, Mohammad Reza Mirtajedini, vice president for parliamentary affairs said here Friday.

He noted that the recent US claims about Tehran’s plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington are the same as the US previous plots to deceive the international community, as it did in case of the September 11th incidents.

“While the US accuses Iran of terrorism, there are logical documents that prove that the US had plotted several assassinations at hundred places sround the world,” the vice president said.
He added that the US has always supported terrorism and imposed pressure against the weak countries unjustly to secure its own capitalist interests.

The US officials claimed recently that Iran had planned a plot including an assassination attempt against the Saudi Ambassador to the United States Adel Al-Jubeir, with a bomb and subsequent bomb attacks on Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington.

Bombings of the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were also discussed, according to the US officials.

Iranian officials have strongly dismissed the US allegations as a fabricated scenario which is totally unfounded and described it as worn-out approaches which are based on the old hostile American-Zionist attempt to sow discord among Muslims.

Iran also released irrefutable evidences on November 4th indicating the official involvement of the United States government in anti-Iran planning, the dispatching of elements to conduct acts of sabotage and terror in Iran and other regional countries.

The Iranian government is to formally submit the supposed evidence to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Iran's ambassador to the UN is to ask the international body to seek the prosecution of the US administration.

Iranian officials have declared that Tehran also reserves the right to pursue Washington in both Iranian and international courts of law.

On September 11th, 2001, American trade, military and political centers collapsed as a result of explosions with enormous smoke and dust. In that event, two passenger jets slammed into the world trade centers and another one hit the Pentagon. Also, another jet crashed-for unknown reasons- before it hit its target.

Overall, there is substantial evidence which indicates that the 9/11 tragic events wre perpetrated by American neo-conservatives in order to create the opportunity to achieve their goals such as strengthening the US militarism, attacking countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan and enlisting other countries for fighting against terrorism. This suggests the will and determination of the neo-cons to consolidating the American power across the globe at whatever cost.