Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Iran: Pakistani MP - Iranian govt has always ensured human rights

Source: IRNA

Islamabad, Nov 15, IRNA – Member of Pakistani Parliament on Tuesday said that Iranian government has always ensured human rights and democratic norms.

Speaking to IRNA, Member of the National Assembly and senior lawyer Naseer Bhutta disputed reports by western media that human rights situation in Iran is not upto the international standards.

The politician added that people in Iran are enjoying all democratic rights. He added that Iranian people have elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for second term because they have faith in the government.

The legal expert condemned western propaganda against Iran and said that west is trying to harm the image of Iran.

Alberto Toscano a western analyst in an interview with the BBC said that human rights situation in Iran is poor and people are not getting their basic rights.

“I simply disagree with such remarks against Iran,” Naseer Bhutta said.

He said that despite difficult times, elections in Iran have been regularly taking place.
The lawmaker suggested that the Muslim world should follow the foot steps of Iranian government by implementing strong democratic system in their countries.

He was of the view that Islamic system of governance is very strong in Iran which also ensures fundamental rights of the people.

The Parliamentarian also asked west to respect Iran’s sovereignty and stop propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic.

He said that it is very encouraging to see that Iran despite western propaganda has been progressing in all fields.