Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Iran: Egyptian religious leader says to declare 'Jihad' in case of attack on Iran

Source: IRNA

Egyptian religious leader says to declare 'Jihad' in case of attack on Iran

Sheikh of Egyptian Azmieh cult, Aala Mazi Abulazaem, said that he will declare' Jihad' if the Zionist regime or the Americans and its allies attack Iran.

According to the Egyptian website “ al-Fajr', Abulazaem stressed that the world bullying powers’ attack on Iran is impossible, because they are frightened of the country’s military power.

He underlined that in case of event, Azmieh cult followers are ready to fight shoulder on shoulder with their Iranian brothers and to confront with invaders to Iran and defending Islamic Republic of Iran he will issue Jihad decree.

He called Islamic forces and political trends in Egypt to be aware concerning plots which targeted Islamic and Arab countries security and consolidation and to confront the common danger of the Zionist regime and the USA stand next to Iran.

The well-known Egyptian religious leader said that although Iran is supporting resistance of the Palestinian and the other resistance movements in the Arab world, but, unfortunately a number of traitor countries want to weaken Iran.

Abulazaem called Tehran “the hub of the Muslim world” and underlined that Iran is a red line, which any attempt against it will not be ignored by other Islamic countries.