Friday, November 04, 2011

Africa: African Union Chairman Urges G20 Leaders To Pay Attention to Africa

SOURCE The Republic of Equatorial Guinea

African Union Chairman Obiang Nguema Mbasogo called today on the world's leaders gathering in Cannes, France, for the G20 Summit to pay more attention to Africa and recognize the continent's economic potential.

"The G20 is a great opportunity to show the top Heads of State how we, as a united continent, are working toward progress and development," said President Obiang. "The Summit attendees need to pay closer attention to our continent. We are growing at a fast pace and offer great foreign investment opportunities."

President Obiang is attending the G20 Summit, which brings the world's major political leaders together to address economic and financial issues, in his role as rotating Chairman of the African Union.

At the G20 Summit, President Obiang is showing the world's major political leaders the progress that the West African nation and the rest of Africa has made in solving problems of development and political stability. During his presidency of the AU, he has consistently called on African leaders to take greater responsibility for solving the continent's problems, and he has encouraged developed nations not to intervene in African affairs.

Equatorial Guinea has assumed an increasingly active role in international affairs in recent months. It will host the Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament in January and recently held the tournament's 16-nation draw in the nation's modern conference center, Sipopo. Sipopo will also host the events associated with the African-South American Summit, bringing together ministers of foreign affairs from 65 countries this November and heads of state next year. In June and July, Equatorial Guinea hosted the AU Summit, also in Sipopo.