Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ukraine: Ukraine Approaches International Anti-Corruption Standards - Presidential advisor

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine

The Concept of Public Policy on Combating Organized Crime has been introduced in Ukraine. The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych approved the new document by the special decree on October 21, 2011. The Concept of Public Policy on Combating Organized Crime defines the state public policy of Ukraine in combating organized crime for the period of 2011-2017 and is aimed at stimulating "the development of the national legislation in line with the international anti-corruption standards", said Andriy Portnov, the advisor to the President of Ukraine.

The Presidential Administration noted that the document was in line with the process of the harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation with the norms of the European Union.

The key points of the document concern the need to employ a more constructive approach towards the detection of organized crime, combating the existing criminal groups, analyzing the reasons for the emergence of the groups and eliminating the circumstances that trigger such criminal activity.

The document specifies the need to improve the Ukrainian system of combating organized crime with an emphasis on illegal financial activities - money laundering, evading taxes, hiding of assets; human trafficking, organizing illegal migration, drug trafficking. One of the milestones of the program is improving efficiency of the state bodies responsible for the combating organized crime.

The Concept of Public Policy on Combating Organized Crime stipulates the creation of an effective system that would control the crossing of the state border of Ukraine. The document also emphasizes the need to provide transparency of the decision making process in the system of public administration.

The concept contains statements on the need for international cooperation in the area of combating organized crime. This includes cooperation of the national bodies with the law enforcement of other countries, ratification of international agreements with foreign governments, and further adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the standards accepted in the EU.

Recently, Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine "On the Foundations of Prevention and Combating Corruption" along with a number of accompanying documents. The Law contained new principles and effective mechanisms of corruption prevention, said President Yanukovych at the meeting of the National Anti-corruption Committee on June 8, 2011.