Friday, October 07, 2011

Somalia: Al-Shabaab blocks relief aid in southern Somalia

Al-Shabaab insurgents, controlling parts of southern Somalia, are preventing relief workers from assisting millions of people affected by conflict, drought and famine.

That’s according to a United Nations spokesman who says that humanitarian needs remain throughout the country despite concerted efforts by aid agencies.

Spokesman Martin Nesirky says three-quarters of the four million people who remain in crisis are in southern Somalia where the situation is becoming difficult for relief agencies.

“Tensions have reportedly increased between humanitarian agencies and the local Al Shabaab administration in Baidoa, in the Bay region. Some aid agencies have reportedly been suspended and Al Shabaab says that there is no need for them in that region as there are no internally people in need. (Duration: 18”)

Martin Nesirky said that Tuesday’s bomb attack in Mogadishu, which reportedly killed over 100 people, is a stark reminder of the insecurity in Somalia.