Friday, October 14, 2011

Middle East: West facing own Arab Spring flare-up, says Middle East analyst

Source: IRNA

West facing own Arab Spring flare-up, says Middle East analyst

US accusations of an alleged Iranian plot have been hatched as a “false flag” at a time the West is facing internal unrest over the economic meltdown, according to Middle East consultant Peter Eyre.

In an interview with IRNA, Eyre also linked the alleged plot with the US seeking some excuse to meet Israel's long-term ambitions to American support to attack Iran.

“The US are clearly looking for justification to go into Iran in the same way they have done in Libya and currently still trying (to do in) Syria,” he said.

“Israel controls the politics in the US, as they do in the UK and the EU. It has been a long term ambition for Israel to attack Iran but it does not have the capability to do this alone and so it is vital for the US to back them up,” he added.

The extent of the allegations, based upon a sting operation and an undercover informant in a Mexican drugs cartel, has bamboozled commentators and analysts alike.

“There is no credibility whatsoever. A person involved in the drug trade would sell his old grandmother to get off a charge. One could never accept his testimony,” the consultant said.
He suggested that everything that comes out of the US is “totally baseless” and believed with the plot supposed being directed against Saudi Arabia one of the aims was to take away attention from the unrest faced by Persian Gulf monarchies in the wake of the Arab Spring.

“This is certainly a diversionary tactic for not only the problems that currently exist with the (Persian) Gulf monarchs but also to divert attention away from the current strife in Yemen and the major debt crisis in the US,” Eyre said

“We have to understand that the last financial meltdown will appear to be minuscule compared to the one currently under way that will ravage and rape Europe. We will see a western version of the Arab Spring flare up within the US and EU,” he said.

But behind the protests directed against Wall Street, the consultant believed that forces were already at work that would ultimately result in the US becoming “a 100% police state.”