Friday, October 14, 2011

Bahrain: Bahrain Updates Trade Union Act to Reflect Greater Workers' Rights

SOURCE Kingdom of Bahrain

Yesterday, Bahrain amended its Trade Union Act to allow for the creation of multiple unions and to increase pluralism within the labor sector.

"The changes will enable workers to set up more than one union to defend their interests," Labor Minister Jameel Humaidan said.

Minister Humaidan stressed the measure's importance in the prevention of a monopoly and in providing unions with more autonomy. Because Article 10 of the act prohibits unions based on religion or ethnicity, the unions will steer away from politics and instead focus on improving worker benefits and boosting economic output.

Bahrain's Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Dr. Essam Fakhro also welcomed the measure and its compliance with international standards as a breakthrough for trade unions.

"It reaffirms the kingdom's commitment to international criteria regarding pluralism," he said.