Friday, June 03, 2011

Iran: Iran says Iranians show support for Libyan, Bahraini and Yemeni nations

Source: IRNA

A group of Iranian protesters gathered in front of the United Nations headquarters in Tehran showing their support for the innocent people of Libya, Bahrain and Yemen.

A protester, Nasireddin Yaqoubi, said the world cannot resist against the power of God and that of Islam.

'The global arrogance is taking part in genocide in Yemen, Bahrain and Libya to take revenge from Islam. However, the arrogant powers should know that the God will not let the innocent people to be massacred and the culprits flee,' Yaqoubi added.

He recalled that although the UN has been formed to secure the interests of oppressed people of the world, an international organization with such a high calibre as UN has become a marionette while ignoring the fact that the people of Bahrain, Yemen and Libya are demanding democracy.

'The Islamic awakening will spread to western countries and it is attributed to late Imam Khomeini's political thoughts and the outcome of 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran,' the protester added.

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