Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kuwait: Kuwaiti Prime Minister Calls for Political Ethics

Source: Al Madar

His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah called on all parties to adhere to the Amir's directives to respect the Constitution and the laws for the best interest of the country. The premier's remarks were made in an exclusive interview with the Arabic daily newspaper Al-Seyassah; the interview also appeared in the English daily, Arab Times.

"The message of His Highness the Amir and of His Highness the Crown Prince are clear; we are in a democratic state, and work within the guidelines of democracy. Those who break the law shall be held accountable to the law... we serve the interests of Kuwait and its future," stated Sheikh Nasser.

"All this happened to protect the relationship between the legislative and executive authorities … We want democracy. It is inevitable to exercise democracy, while taking into account the full rights of all people," he stated while discussing the government changes in recent years.

The premier addressed recent interpellations filed against him and his government, saying, "We have been working to create a harmonious atmosphere between the legislative and executive authorities and have overlooked the arbitrariness among the presenters of interpellations." He later continued, "We work for Kuwait -- its interest and its future. The interpellations will not have any effect and ill not hinder government work. People are interested in the work of the government and this is what I focus on. We should be judged by our achievements."

The veteran prime minister recently formed a new cabinet after the Amir reappointed him following the government's resignation late March. In a speech to the National Assembly earlier this month, Sheikh Nasser urged lawmakers to move past differences between one another in an effort to end a period of what he deemed "political fatigue."