Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Georgia: Protestors Seeking Democracy to Target Georgia Military Parade

SOURCE Democratic Movement - United Georgia party and the Public Assembly

Protestors demanding democratic change in Georgia plan to disrupt a huge military parade on Thursday (26 May) organised by the ruling regime of President Mikheil Saakashvilli.

This will be the sixth consecutive day that thousands of opponents to President Saakashvilli's government have taken to the streets to demand political, social and economic reform.

The peaceful action is led by the country's leading political opponent Nino Burjanadze of the Public Assembly and Democratic Movement - United Georgia Party.

Nino Burjanadze said: "We have faced violence and provocation from President Saakashvilli's brutal thugs in our demands for change but our resolve is undiminished and the country has had enough of chronic unemployment, corruption and selective justice.

"The people of Georgia seek nothing more than freedom to determine their own future and for too long their wishes have been swept to one side by President Saakashvilli's iron fisted authoritarian rule. But this cannot continue.

"He has spent millions of dollars in the west portraying himself as a democratic leader when in fact he has tried to crush any domestic opposition to his tyranny.

"In the past few days peaceful and innocent protestors have been attacked indiscriminately by undercover police officers, some of whom travel around in vehicles disguised as Red Cross vehicles. Roads have been blocked, bus drivers arrested and railway stations controlled, all to stop the travel plans of far minded people who simply want to march in peace and have their voices heard.

"The military parade on Thursday is meant to celebrate our nation's independence when in fact it depicts an old fashioned Soviet style show of strength to engender fear among the populace.

"President Saakashvilli and his ancient regime need to know that the world has moved on from those dark days and that democracy means fair and free elections need to be held as soon as possible.

"That's why we've taken to the streets and that's why we will not be beaten, whatever forces we may face."