Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bahrain: Bahrain Says Hospitals Functioning Normally

SOURCE Bahrain News Agency

In a press conference at the Information Affairs Authority yesterday, Social Development Minister and Acting Health Minister Dr. Fatima Al Balushi stressed that medical centers are operating normally and emphasized the need for restored public confidence in the sector.

"Unquestionably, trust in our health service, for all who require it, is a pre-requisite for continuity and reliability of service," Dr. Al Balushi said. "We have never spared any effort to provide the best possible service to citizens and residents in Bahrain."

As a precautionary step, the ministry suspended several staff that appeared to have violated regulations and state laws over the past few months while the ministry investigates the matter, she said. However, Salmaniya Medical Complex's volume of work and level of patients remain normal and investigations have not interfered with medical treatment.

"All citizens and residents can take advantage of these services without discrimination," she said. "I can assure you all that all medical staff and Ministry staff will at all times provide a professional service, based on principles of humanity, honesty, sincerity, dedication and professionalism."

Presented with challenges from recent unrest, the health ministry refocused by working collectively, remaining true to its mission and ensuring lessons were learned. Currently, the industry is resuming planned medical expansions, which had been previously postponed.

"Recent events in Bahrain have taught us as a Ministry many lessons and, I believe, given the Ministry the strength and resilience to provide an even stronger service to those in need of health care in Bahrain," she said.