Wednesday, March 02, 2011

U.S. Politics: Clinton Refuses to Condemn Joe Kennedy's PR Campaign for Chavez, says Congressman

Testifying before the full Foreign Affairs Committee today in the House of Representatives, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to condemn Joe Kennedy's pro-Chavez ad campaign in the U.S. when pressed by Congressman Connie Mack (Fl-14).

Mack stated: "Madam Secretary, more money is not leadership. Leadership comes from within ones character and clarity of purpose. Let me suggest America's leadership lies in Freedom and an understanding that freedom is the core of all human progress."

Secretary Clinton did however agree to act if the State Department could prove that Venezuela is in violation of the Iranian Sanctions Act of 1996. Citing Section 7 of the Act, Mack stated:

"Action by this Administration on the Chavez issue is welcome, as there has been a consistent lack of action to the reports of Iranian missiles within Venezuela's brooders and most recently reports that Hugo Chavez would be willing to house an ousted Moammar Gadhafi. The Administration should cease coddling terrorists and cease refusing to place Venezuela on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Secretary Clinton's handshakes and Obama's jokes about diverting Air Force One to visit his friend Hugo Chavez tells me that this Administration is out of touch with the serious threat Chavez poses to our nation."

SOURCE Office of Congressman Connie Mack