Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mike Hitchen Unleashed: Shouldering responsibility

Tonight's post covers a potentially touchy topic - one that has the potential to make me look like a fully paid up member of the Nanny State Brigade.

Nice as it is for fathers to carry their young children on their shoulders, I am beginning to have a problem with the practice - especially in my suburb where it is common sight to see kids, smiling with delight as they are carried shoulder high around the shopping plaza.

The dreaded words "Health and Safety" spring to mind, or as the British media like to call it to make fun of a concept that is often merely legal enforcement of common sense for those too thick to think of things themselves, 'Elf and Safety.

My suburb was largely built on swamp land, and fancy paving stones, bricks and tiles that are supposed to remain flat - don't. They stick up - all over the place. In the last few days I have seen three people trip and fall over, including a very elderly woman who was immediately surrounded by passers by offering assistance and protection of dignity. It happens all the time.
If a father were to trip while carrying a child on their shoulders, the potential consequences are horrific.

Give a child a ride on your shoulders by all means, but please - pick the place and time!

Oh and before you ask - the paving stones do get repaired. Usually just before the council elections!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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