Saturday, March 19, 2011

Serbia: Serbia will not allow destabilisation in northern Kosovo-Metohija

Source: Government of Serbia

Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Goran Bogdanovic and KFOR Commander Erhard Biler agreed today that unilateral moves on behalf of any side cannot help to stabilise the situation in northern Kosovo-Metohija.

Bogdanovic, who met with Biler at KFOR headquarters in Pristina, stressed following the meeting that he was assured that KFOR will continue adhering to a status-neutral stance when it comes to the province.

The Minister noted that such a stance is very important under current circumstances when it is well-known that authorities in Pristina are resorting to unilateral moves in order to destabilise the northern part of the province.

He stated that Serbia will not allow the situation to become unstable and it will resolve all issues in a peaceful manner which can contribute to peace, stability and cohabitation of all residents of the province.

The fate of Serbs and Albanians is to live alongside each other and the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina should move in this direction, because dialogue is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss, Bogdanovic observed.

He and Biler also agreed it is necessary to be pragmatic and prevent destabilisation of the province.

Bogdanovic stressed that during the meeting, they also looked at the protection of cultural and historic monuments, churches and monasteries, noting that Biler promised that KFOR will continue protecting the monasteries of Visoki Decani, the Pec Patriarchate, Devic and Holy Archangels.