Friday, March 18, 2011

Libya: Joint statement by President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on Libya

We welcome Resolution 1973 approved tonight by the United Nations Security Council.

We fully endorse the UN demand for a complete end to the violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians, and finding a solution to the crisis. The European Council has called on Colonel Kadhafi to relinquish power immediately and urged Libya to rapidly embark on an orderly transition to democracy through broad-based dialogue.

We stress our grave concern for the situation of the population. We reiterate the 11 March Declaration of the European Council that the safety of the people must be ensured by all necessary means. Resolution 1973 provides a clear legal basis for the members of the international community to provide protection to the civilian population.

We underline the important role of the Arab League and our Arab partners. Their cooperation is essential and their role is clearly recognised by the Resolution. We must ensure that we continue to coordinate closely, together with the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union and other international partners on how we can best contribute as soon as possible to the implementation of the decisions of the Security Council.

The European Union is ready to implement this Resolution within is mandate and competences. The European Council of 24-25 March and the Foreign Affairs Council of 21 March will discuss the situation in Libya and adopt the necessary decisions in that regard.

SOURCE Delegation of the European Union to the United States