Thursday, March 03, 2011

Libya: Dutch officials confirm capture of soldiers by Qadhafi militia

Berlin, March 3, IRNA - The Dutch defense ministry on Thursday confirmed earlier press reports that three of its soldiers were captured by militia loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi during a botched evacuation mission in the city of Syrte.

Speakign with visiting IRI Deputy Foreign Minister in Asia and Oceania Affairs Mohammad-Ali Fat’hollahi the Pakistani Deputy FM Salman Bashir added, “Iran and Pakistan are two important countires in the Islamic world and the region and strengthening ties between the two countries is a necessity.”

Referrign to the crisis in Afghanitan, he said that unity of the Islamic Ummah (nation) is a basic need of the world Muslims, adding, “Solutions coing from outside the Islamic world do not do any good, including the solutions proposed for the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.”

The Pak diplomat pointed out the Iran and Pakistan cannot remain indeffirent regaridn the Afghan issue, emphasizing the need for joint consultation aimed at solving the problem in the Islamic country.

The Iranian deputy FM, too, expressing satisfaction over the agreement of both countries over the need for boosting relations, said, “Expansion of relations and cooperation with Paksitan is among the priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy.”

Fat’hollah said that improvement of bilateral ties is also the two nations’ wish, reiterating, “Broadening ties of the two countries would be a move in line with the interests of the regional countries and the entire Islamic world.”

Also welcoming shared consultations aimed at solving the crisis in Afghanistan, he said that it would be an important step aimed at boosing peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.
He also said that construction of US military bases in Afghanistan is contrary to the ongoing efforts aimed at strengthening peace and security in the region.

The Pakistani diplomat meanwhile reiterated that improving economic ties with Iran is a priority for Islamabad, announcing that the Pakistani Prime Minsiter Yusof Reza Gailani is interested in paying a visit to Tehran.

Fat’hollahi arrived in Islamabad Wednesday morning to participate at the session of the two countries’ Political Consultative Committee and was received by the IRI Amabssdor to Pakistan Mashallah Shakeri, heads of the Iranian orgnizations in Palistan and some Pakistani local officials.
The previous session of the said committee wa held in Tehran last summer.