Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Battle against radiation to last for years

FOCUS Information Agency - Tokyo. Fuel rods in the second reactor of the Fukushima NPP have probably started melting. They have been affected by the water, used to cool the reactors. The company that operates the nuke plant, Electric Power Co, said that the fight to tackle the crisis may take months, even years.

Meanwhile, the Japanese have voluntarily started limiting the unnecessary consumption and entertainment, writes Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

“The high level of radiation in the water, which have penetrated into the turbine of the second reactor, have probably caused the partial melting,” announced Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano.

“The radiation is probably coming from the fuel rods, which have partially melted and have reacted upon the water used to cool the reactor,” he explained.

In related news from the same source, apanese authorities have not confirmed that radioactive water from the earthquake-hit Fukushima NPP has leaked into the sea, announced the Japanese Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, RIA Novosti reports.

The NPP reactors are located at around 50-70 meters from the coast.