Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mike Hitchen Unleashed: If you're going to be crafty, at least be clever!

Jack Lang, usually referred to as J.T. Lang during his career, and familiarly known as "Jack" and nicknamed "The Big Fella"

This isn't so much a post, more of an extra long Tweet rant!

I have been in Australia for three decades, and never have I been presented with a choice of such lack luster politicians.

All politicians are crafty bastards, but if you're going to be a crafty bastard, at least be a clever crafty bastard with a bit of charisma.

At Federal level we have Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who does more U turns than a stunt driver in a Hollywood police movie, and opposing her, Bovver Boy Tony Abbott, who struts around like a football hooligan leading a pack of MPS who are short on policy and large on school yard insults.

At State level, New South Wales voters are faced with a choice between Kristina Keneally and Barry O' Farrell. Asking us to choose is like asking a condemned man if he wants the guillotine or the noose - either way it's not going to end well!

Where are the Bob Hawkes', the Jack Langs'? the John Howards? It's not that I particularly admire any of them - but at least they were clever crafty bastards!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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