Friday, March 18, 2011

Burma: 14 Rohingya forced back to Burma from Bangladesh

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Fourteen Rohingya were arrested and pushed back to Burma by the Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) on March 15, said a local from Shapuri Dip.

The BGB arrested the Rohingya while they were entering Bangladesh through the illegal point of Zalia Para under Teknaf Police Station.

Among the arrested were eleven males, a woman, and two children, officials said.

The officer of Battalion No. 42, Lt. Col. Mohamed Zahed Hasan, said that they were forced back to Burma on March 16, at night.

A local trader from Shapuri Dip said that the group came to Bangladesh to see their relatives in the refugee camps where Rohingya live along the Bangladeshi border.

“Most Rohingya come to Bangladesh either to visit relatives, or for better medical treatment, as they don’t get proper treatment in Arakan State, Burma.”