Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sudan: Two Sudans for Peace and Prosperity - Embassy of Sudan

The Southern Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC), has officially announced the final results of the Referendum vote that ended on January 15th. The voter turnout, despite reports of minor irregularities, was well above the 60% threshold called for. Out of the total, an overwhelming majority of the Southern Sudanese voted in favor of separation, a choice that will result in the official birth of the new State in July.

Peace presents itself under many guises and separation in this case is one of those. The vote reflects the genuine wishes of the people. And therefore, this choice, as reaffirmed by president Bashir today after the official announcement of the results, is honored and respected by the Sudanese. The two new countries are henceforth to embark on building that peaceful future that the CPA had envisioned when it provided for this exercise of self-determination. In spite of the artificial border that results, the deep and historical bonds will continue to compel the flourishing of cordial relations between the two regions.

Having now fulfilled its obligation to the peace-loving world, Sudan proper now looks to journey towards a brighter future. It is a journey that requires the turning of a new leaf at the international stage which must work to grasp that vision. Certain commitments made by international actors must be fulfilled as those are critical for facilitating the agenda of peace in not only the region, but the world over.

Source: Embassy of Sudan Press and Information Office