Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers fans file fraud lawsuit against NFL and Dallas Cowboys

Two Green Bay Packers fans who were denied their dream of attending Sunday's Super Bowl game even though they paid for tickets have filed a lawsuit in Dallas against the National Football League, The Dallas Cowboys, and Cowboys Stadium.

Dallas-based law firm Goldfarb Branham filed the suit on behalf of two Wisconsin residents who were sold tickets to seats that did not exist – "phantom" seats – sold by a league that cared more about breaking attendance records and making profits than protecting the fans' experience. The suit includes claims of fraud, breach of contract and negligence.

The plaintiffs say that at least a week before Sunday's game, the defendants knew the seats might not be ready, but remained silent. Since the game, both NFL officials and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have accepted responsibility in published reports.

"These fans came here to enjoy a little piece of Super Bowl history," says Charles W. "Trey" Branham, III of Goldfarb Branham. "Instead, what they got was a whole lot of nothing."

Mr. Branham, who is representing the plaintiffs along with firm attorneys Jeffrey Goldfarb and Hamilton Lindley, says the plaintiffs seek to represent the interests of all ticket holders who were denied their seats.

"Our case seeks compensation for all of the hard-working people who may have saved a few dollars here and there, and planned the trip of a lifetime, only to be deprived of their seats by a wealthy owner and a league that didn't care enough to do it the right way," Mr. Branham says. "The law does not allow the NFL or anyone else to sell someone a product that doesn't exist."

Source: Goldfarb Branham LLP