Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mike Hitchen Unleashed: Hairy times in Canberra

It appears that Julia Gillard, our wooden Prime Minister who can turn on the tears when politically expedient to do so, does not like men with beards.

During parliamentary question time she commented on independent MP Rob Oakeshott's new beard which he grew during the long summer break - proving he can grow a beard faster than he make a decision.

"I do think I should take this opportunity to record my objection to the beard too, something I said to him face to face"

Nice to see you do something face to face Julia instead of behind the backs of those you openly supported.

Referring to Dennis Shanahan from The Australian, she remarked, "I don't know what's happened over the summer season, we've got Rob Oakeshott here and Dennis Shanahan there, and they're both very poor judgment calls"

Her analysis should not be taken lightly - after all she is somewhat of an expert in poor judgment calls. She has made enough during her short time as Prime Minister to know what she is talking about.

Far be it from me to give you advice Julia, but if the Whitehouse administration eventually realizes you, and not Kevin Rudd, is Prime Minister, I'd stay away from remarks about Abe Lincoln's beard.

But do I sense a dastardly political maneuver? Were your remarks merely a harmless jest - or the vanguard of a plan to introduce a levy on beards!

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