Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sudan: Statement from Embassy of Sudan - Sudan on its Way Towards a Successful Referendum

It's the third day into the historic referendum and Sudan is well on its way towards a very successful polling process should things continue as such. With the exception of minor and election-unrelated skirmishes reported to have erupted in some areas, the conduct has been overwhelmingly smooth thus far. The commitment of the Sudanese to the CPA and to peace accounts for this congenial manner in which the process has commenced. Sudan appreciates the voices of praise coming from the international community on this success so far witnessed.

The help of the international community has also been pivotal in facilitating a favorable environment. Its role is one that has earned the gratitude of the Sudanese who now, having lived up to the expectations of the world, wait to see if others would fulfill their commitments. It is worth noting that many in Sudan are growing cynical because of the promises that are made and then reneged on by certain international actors. Yet it is important that we now recognize the distinction that this moment wields in the panorama of Sudan's history. It is a monumental occasion that calls for the conception of new and fruitful relations.

The successful conduct of the referendum only marks the beginning of the ominous work that needs to be done. There are many challenges, which we can expect to be seized upon by the usual warmongers to try and sabotage this process. But the world must stand guard. The current Post-Referendum Negotiations represent an area where the international community can constructively engage to resolve the outstanding items, especially on those where it has exceptional authority, for instance the issue of National Debt where relief of this burden is its prerogative.

Source: Embassy of Sudan Press and Information Office