Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Somalia: New year begins with fighting and "feats of strength"

Source: Missionary International Service News Agency (MISNA)

"It is of twenty dead the toll of the fighting that occurred in Mogadishu in the past few days. So say several local sources including the website 'Maareg'.

According to the latter, 15 persons were killed during the New Year's eve while three others were killed on January 1st. To complete the picture of a situation that day by day becomes more unsustainable, especially for the civilian population, are the feats of force and the bellicose statements being proffered by various sides.

In the course of a press conference, the African Union mission (AMISOM) spokesman held that the many battles of 2010 conducted against the rebels have seen the victory of the government troops backed by the international community. The response from the Shabab, the main armed opposition group, can be concretized in a military exercise organized today in Lafole, south of Mogadishu: at the exercise hundreds of uniformed militiamen did take part. The prospects of peace seem further away."