Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Serbia: State gives farms to several families of Serb refugees from Croatia

Source: Government of Serbia

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Jovan Krkobabic handed out today in the Serbian government the decisions on allocation of eight farms to Serb families who fled or were expelled from Croatia.

A statement from the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister reads that funds for the purchase of households were raised through semi-postal stamps, as part of the Krov (Roof) campaign organised with the help of the Commissariat for Refugees and local self-governments in which the farms are located.

Krkobabic underlined that this is one more campaign with which Serbia is trying to ease the hard life of refugees and the expelled and internally displaced persons from the southern Serbian province.

The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that in difficult times of the global economic crisis and the refugee crisis that has lasted almost 20 years, Serbia has been making great effort to find ways to help many of those who are in the greatest need of help.

He recalled that last year the state helped more than 3,200 families in various ways in an effort to find a lasting solution to their existential problems.

Serbia will never cease doing all it can to help people in distress, Krkobabic said, adding that humanity and solidarity of Serbian citizens are invaluable.

Only with joined forces can the government, citizens and those who have been exiled or banished find solutions for a new beginning of a number of families and individuals who have greatly suffered during the previous civil wars.

Along with decisions on the allocation of farms, the families received a one-off aid to help them settle in the new houses in Backa Topola, Secanj, Kula, Blace and Topola, the statement adds.