Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mike Hitchen Unleashed: Flood Tax: A grubby and amateurish attempt at revenue raising

Julia Gillard, let's be frank shall we. I know it is not politically correct to say such things, but not one Indonesian government has ever done anything for Australia and never will.

There - I've said it. I will now give the devotees of Political Fashion time to get the smelling salts.

No matter how many successive governments cozy up to their Indonesian counterparts, or how many fine speeches are made about mutual cooperation in sectors such as terrorism and people smuggling, it's very much one sided. This is the way it works - we give the money, Indonesia takes it and does bugger all with it.

According to DAFT figures, we have poured billions into Indonesia over the last seven years and neither we, nor those it was supposed to help, (such as the victims of people smugglers or terrorism) have seen any real benefit. On December 10, you announced Australia is giving $45 million to Indonesia to pay for climate change programs.

As you know Ms. Gillard, we have had a few climate related problems in the country you were "elected" to serve. The $45 million promised to Indonesia for what is a non essential need, would be far better spent on restoring essential services in this country. It is all very well to hand out money for non essential gifts like a kind Uncle, but even kind Uncles have to consider their own circumstances when their wallets are hit.

First you stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back, now you do the same to Australian tax payers with the announcement of a levy to pay for damage caused by the recent flooding. The levy is unjustified and unnecessary and smacks of a grubby and amateurish attempt at revenue raising to negate the damage done by a government that does not appear to know what it is doing.

As much as I did not like John Howard, he put Australia firmly on the world stage. His successor, the man you betrayed, is both highly experienced and respected overseas. Let's face it, most people think Kevin Rudd is still Prime Minister - mainly because he acts like one. You on the other hand act like a junior office assistant left in charge of the shop until a real manager can take over. That is how you are perceived by many Australians, and many oversea.

You came to us in your early political career with hope, promise and energy, but you have given us nothing except sore necks from shaking our heads in disbelief at your indecision and incompetence.

Today, your credibility and popularity has taken another dive - while your policies and promises continue to perform back flips.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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