Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt: Crisis Group Condemns Detention of Mohamed ElBaradei and Violence against Demonstrators

Source: International Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group strongly condemns the detention of Mohamed ElBaradei in Cairo today.

Media reports coming from the Egyptian capital say that ElBaradei, who serves on Crisis Group’s Board of Trustees, was prevented by the authorities from leaving a mosque after prayers this afternoon. He is apparently still being held, as the entire country now faces severe unrest with street protests building in opposition to the regime.

“His detention has no credible basis. It also will not serve Egypt’s interests at this critical juncture”, says Crisis Group President Louise Arbour. “In a situation as tense as this, repression and abuse can only further inflame the situation. Rather than resort to repression, the authorities should heed demands of the population for dramatic political, social and economic transformation.”

Crisis Group calls on the Egyptian authorities to release Mohamed ElBaradei immediately.

In addition, Crisis Group calls on the government to cease using violence against its own people and allow peaceful demonstrations to take place.