Thursday, January 20, 2011

Defense: Someone is persistently trying to attach previously neutral Finland and Sweden to NATO by hook or by crook

It appears that previously neutral Finland and Sweden will become members of NATO. January 19 marked the beginning of Nordic summit in London chaired by the UK, where leaders from nine countries will discuss strengthening of cooperation. In particular, they will be discussing the establishment of military and political organization unofficially named "Northern" or "Arctic mini-NATO."

In addition to Great Britain the summit will be attended by the leaders of the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden), as well as all the Baltic countries. In fact, this meeting is considered a constituent one. After this meeting, in April of this year, the participating countries will review the basic document of the new association.

According to the official version, the goal of negotiations is "to strengthen economic and social relations of nine participating countries." However, the publication Eurobserver is convinced that this is camouflage for the far-reaching plans. According to European journalists, the British prime minister intends to raise the topic of creating the "northern mini-NATO."

However, the participants do not make special efforts to hide the fact that the establishment of such a unit is associated with an increased international attention to the natural resources of the Arctic. Uncle Sam is certainly aware of this idea. Moreover, it seems that the British invited other countries to this summit on orders from Washington. According to the publications of WikiLeaks, this venture has been approved by a former U.S. ambassador to Norway. According to his eloquent statement, the creation of such an organization would be beneficial to "keep an eye on polar bears and the Russians."

It turns out that someone is persistently trying to attach previously neutral Finland and Sweden to the Alliance by hook or by crook, even if it involves the creation of the "Arctic branch of NATO."

It is worth mentioning that neither Finland nor Sweden have direct access to the Arctic. The Finns have lost it after the Winter War of 1939-1940, when Soviet troops seized the area of Pechenga that went over to the Soviet Union. One gets the impression that "someone" would not mind to give it back to the previous owners. The importance of Finland in the upcoming merger is emphasized by the fact that the April meeting of foreign ministers of the "Arctic NATO" will take place in Helsinki. What are the true intentions of the overseas puppeteers?

Finnish political scientist Johan Beckman shared his thoughts in an interview with "The London summit is a reflection of the success of certain foreign states and their intelligence agencies in retracting previously neutral countries like Finland and Sweden into NATO," the expert testified. "In recent years the leading Finnish media actively promoted joining the Alliance through the statements of political and cultural elites.

Recently we published a new study according to which Finland has an urgent need to become a NATO member. This was prevented by the fact that the vast majority of Finnish citizens strongly opposed this. First, people do not want confrontation with Russia, because this is not 1939 and there are no Russian troops on Finnish borders. So, there is no need to hide behind the NATO bayonets.

Moreover, as we know, in the event that Finland enters the alliance, Russia will take counter-measures. Why do we need this aggravation? And secondly, everybody understands that joining NATO would mean sending the Finnish troops to Afghanistan, where there is a real war. What is the interest of Finland and even Sweden in this? None.

However, this is beneficial for NATO. Thereby the leadership of the organization kills not even two but three birds with one stone. First, it will offset the costs of reducing the armed forces of many European countries. Second, it means a reduced burden on troops in Afghanistan. And third, it will create a new center of tension in relations with Russia in the north and north-west directions.

So far the involvement of Sweden and Finland in the Afghan adventure has been problematic. However, it is possible to get them in a fight with Russia by engaging in the "Arctic NATO." Even more so considering that Sweden and Finland have serious ambitions on the development of the Arctic as "northern states."

It is true that they do not have direct access to the Arctic Basin. But they got a hint that they may get it through pushing Russian interests. In addition, the Finnish revanchists in office dream of returning the territories lost in 1940, including the Pechenga area which gives Finland access to the Arctic Ocean.

Most recently, Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Schtub resorted to deliberate provocation against Russia, demanding that Russia grants permission to Finnish citizens to purchase land in the territories which formerly belonged to Helsinki.

This behavior could be explained by historical hatred towards Russia, since Russophobe Schtub has roots in Karelia. However, too many of these characters are in power in Finland, including the current Minister of Defense. Former Air Force Commander earlier gave statements like: "If you do not give us Karelia back, we will join NATO."

Almost all of them are united by the Coalition Party, whose idea-fix is NATO membership. The joining of Finland to some "northern" organization is their attempt to bypass the frustration of Finns. It is noteworthy that they are suspiciously silent about the meeting in London. In any case, the British intelligence services are trying to manipulate them, and their goal is to curb the "Russian aggression at its own borders."

Sergei Balmasov