Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Iran: Indian MP - CIA, Mossad behind Iranian scientist killing

New Delhi, IRNA -- Expressing abhorrence at the terrorist attack on Iranian academics, an Indian leader Tuesday said: “CIA and Mossad are involved in killing of Iranian scientist”.

Scientist Dr. Majid Shahriari was killed and Dr. Fereydoun Abbasi was injured in two separate terrorist attacks on their cars Monday morning while they were on their way to Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran.

Talking to IRNA, Asif Mohd Khan, Member of Legislative Assemby of Delhi, extended his sympathies to the family of the deceased and wished speedy recovery to the injured.

Terming the killing of a academician as 'heinous crime against entire humanity', Asif condemned US and Israel for their hegemonic policies towards Iran.

He urged the peace loving nations not only condemn this “inhuman act” in simple words but stand up for a collective fight against these hegemonic policies which pose threat to the stability of the region in particular and the whole world in general.

Earlier in January 2010 a Physics Professor of Tehran University, Dr. Masoud Ali Mohammadi, was killed in a remote-controlled bomb blast in front of his home in northern Tehran.

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