Saturday, November 20, 2010

Talking about my generation

Each generation has to have a label in order to give sociologists the opportunity to conduct costly research, "revealing" what most of already know about the young, the old and those in between. Generational labels are also of course, one of the favorite tools of marketers using generational stereotypes to produce adverts that make the average, "Generation this that or the other" cringe with embarrassment.

I have often wondered what generation I belong to, though I am not particularly fond of belonging to any social herd. "Baby Boomer" is the obvious answer, but I am not sure I want to be a label that it oh so trite, tired and worn out - even if I do meet the last two criteria! In any case, no one seems to be able to agree when the so-called Baby Boom began or finished. I am definitely not Generation X or Generation Y, or anything else that sounds like the title of a talent contest for the talentless.

So, it is up to me to decide what label best fits my age - and experience.

I have seen governments and world organizations such as the UN, make the same promises and pledges for decades. I have seen UN Peacekeepers fail to keep the peace in countries that now have different names and capitals - but still no peace. I've seen the poor get poorer, the hungry get hungrier. I've seen the heart and soul ripped out of The Land while the Ivory Towers grew grander and higher. I have seen Man play God, Man quote God with self-righteous passion, Man burn cities and maim God's children in God's name.

I have seen the do-gooders and Coffee Latte Socialists turn society into one that is wrapped in cotton wool, where those well read but suffering from Common Sense Deficiency, dictate what we can or can't do or think because it's unsafe, unhealthy, or politically incorrect.

I smoke, I have the odd beer or glass of wine, I laugh at Benny Hill and eat Big Macs.

I am not Generation X. I am not Generation Y. To all those above -

I am Generation FU!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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