Friday, November 19, 2010

Iran: Ahmadinejad - "Alien forces should be barred from entering Caspian Sea"

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that alien forces should not be allowed to enter the Caspian Sea region.

The Iranian president made the remarks in his keynote speech to the third summit of Caspian Sea littoral states on Thursday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to fully cooperate in drawing up a legal regime for the Caspian Sea in collaboration with other littoral states, said the Iranian president.

Collective cooperation among Caspian Sea littoral states and their reliance on regional resources can reduce their vulnerability, he said.

The Iranian President expressed the hope that drawing up of the Caspian Sea legal regime would be finalized next year and once finalized it would help create just relations among the littoral states, pointed out the Iranian President.

To attain the goal, the Iranian President offered various proposals such as setting up shipping lines, easing custom formalities, increasing the volume of trade exchange and expansion of economic cooperation on energy, tourism, culture and sports.

President Ahmadinejad also proposed that the countries located in the Caspian Sea region adopt a joint stand and try to amend the current global order and replace it with a new world order.

In the aftermath of the September 11th incident, he said big powers occupied Iraq and Afghanistan to justify the incident, killing many people in those countries as well as in Palestine.