Friday, July 30, 2010

Wikileaks - pardon me for being simplistic but...

Defence Secretary Robert Gates has stated that leaked US documents on the Afghan war posed grave risks for Americans in battle and for US relationships in the region. Pardon me for being simplistic, but wouldn't their lives be less at risk if they weren't there in the first bloody place?

I know my memory isn't as good as it was - hey what is? but as far as I can recall, the people of Afghanistan did not invite the US or anyone else, to invade their country, bomb their homes, kill innocent women and children and inflict upon them a President who thinks of Afghanistan as a family business.

To show that he is a kindly man who thinks of others, Gates also pontificated on the fact that Afghan lives have been put in danger. Robert old chap, Afghan lives were put in danger the moment the substance abusing, draft dodger, and his pet British lapdog sitting by the main table doing tricks for his master in the hope of being thrown some delectable scraps, decided it was in America's interest to invade a country that posed them no harm, on the pretext of bringing to justice the CIA's former blue eyed boy, Osama bin Laden. Nine years on, they are no closer to capturing bin Laden and every Taliban commander that is killed or captured is immediately replaced by someone equally effective.

American lives would not be in danger if the coalition of the blackmailed had not embarked on an illegal, immoral and unwinnable war

The so-called "war on terror" which originally was fought by troops but is now according to the media barons, being fought by "warriors" has not bought an end to terror - nor will it do so. Increasingly the threat to the US and the West is home grown terror cells. The war against terror will not be won with indiscriminate drone strikes, indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians who find themselves in a war they didn't seek and didn't want - but in places like Toledo and the educated radicalized Muslims of the UK and Europe. Don't look East - look West

Put simply - get out of Afghanistan and you will save the lives of Americans, their allies - and the long suffering people of Afghanistan.

As for "US relationships in the region" what relationships? Pakistan is taking you for a ride and the Afghans hate you for being in their country - which is largely why they are fighting.

Historically Afghanistan is not a country that can be conquered. Those who have tried have found that out to the cost of those sent to do their bidding. We are supposed to learn from history - not write yet another blood and tear stained chapter.

Right, that's it until Tuesday Sydney time. In the mean time, you may enjoy the video below. Written and performed by Tom Paxton, it as about Russia's invasion of Afghanistan and the boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, at a time when the US was backing the Taliban.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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