Friday, July 23, 2010

We wont try to change your mind with facts

An Australian media identity once said that a British journalist with integrity has never existed - something that becomes more apparent with each passing day, each passing of the buck and each passing of the blindfolds, earplugs and gags.

Probably that is why that until Trafigura came along, I thought "toxic waste" only referred to discarded British newspapers.

Sadly, Australian newspapers and current affairs programs are heading down the same populist, agenda serving track thathas traditionally been the trademark of British media.

Soon, we wont have a government run by elected representatives, we will have a government run by the Kings and Queens of Australian, "send 'em back home, that's wot me dad always said like" talk-back radio.

At least unlike some our shops and service providers, they believe in keeping the customer satisfied - regardless of who is buying and who is paying. The only cost is truth and integrity.

Daily News, daily blues
Pick up a copy any time you choose

Seven little pennies in the newsboy's hand

And you ride right along to never, never land
(Tom Paxton)

Wherever you may be - be safe

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