Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The sad tale of the demise of The Hero

Once upon a time in lands known to us as "home," a Hero strode the land like a Colossus. Although The Hero hadn't recorded any hit records, scored any goals in a cup final or even considered taking part in a reality TV show, people would greet The Hero warmly. "The Hero is always welcome in my home" they would say - and not only homes, but in places of learning and those entrusted to inform and even to rule.

The Hero was brave and spoke with a loud voice. The words of The Hero were read, thought about and acted upon. When The Hero spoke, the wicked, evil and corrupt would tremble. When The Hero acted, justice to wrongdoers was swift but fair - for all to see.

But The Hero had many enemies - people who wanted The Hero silenced. The words of The Hero were denied, and the voices of those who lived in fear of The Hero became louder and louder, till The Hero could barely be heard. No longer could people pick up a book or newspaper and read the thoughts, opinions and revelations of The Hero.

But The Hero remained steadfast, determined - and proud. But alas, The Hero was no longer greeted with open arms. The spinning words of The Silencers became the new Heroes, their words spoken wherever people gathered and taken as both The Law and Bible.

The Hero is still around. Although The Hero makes no attempt at disguise or concealment, you will have to look hard and carefully before you find this once mighty warrior, because there are those who do not want you find or even stumble upon their sworn enemy.

The Hero is no, "Man with no name" The Hero has a name and there are many who still speak that name out loud. Many who are willing to give all they have, including their own lives, so that name can be heard. They live and die in the hope The Hero will conquer and rule.

You perhaps ask yourself "Under what name does The Hero travel?" and "How can I find The Hero?"

The name is Truth - and to find Truth, you must keep asking questions, demanding answers from those who worship their own less desirable, tainted and corrupt heroes - those who blind you with words forged from the coal face of lies and deceit.

Remember, The Hero is no danger to you .Truth is only dangerous to the dangerous.

Wherever you may be - be safe

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