Saturday, July 03, 2010

Lord's Resistance Army: More attacks as governments sit on their hands

 id=Source: Missionary International Service News Agency (MISNA)

It is of one killed civilian and several hundred refugees the toll of an attack that members of the Lord's resistance army (LRA) have launched in the village of Kasha, in the state of Western Equatoria.

The news was confirmed to MISNA by father Ignatius Mborihenga, secretary of the dioceses of Tombura-Yambio and director of the radio station 'Anisa fm', of the Sudan Catholic radio network (Scrn).

"Two days ago, toward two in the afternoon as it were, a group of armed men entered the village, looting and stealing among the population", said father Ignatius, adding that many families, fearing more attacks, "have abandoned their houses taking with them all that they could".

The rise in LRA attacks in these areas at the border with Uganda, Congo and the Central African Republic, has become a reason of growing concern for the local populations who accuse their respective governments of doing too little to ensure their protection.

"Unfortunately, the border areas, mostly isolated, are quite far from being controlled and the LRA is able to penetrate whenever it wants with total impunity" said father Ignatius, who observed that the attack on Kasha is but the latest of a series of attacks in this area in the past weeks.

"The people are afraid even if abandoning homes and villages they are not assured of any help, the fear of attacks is too large to convince them to remain". In the sole area of Tambura, according to the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (Srrc) there are over 11,000 internally displaced people, living in the cities' suburbs and in the main inhabited centers

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