Friday, July 23, 2010

Afghanistan: Tribal elders accuse Taliban of breaking its own rules against abuse

A recent shura organized by Zabul provincial leadership and Shin Kay tribal elders revealed allegations of abuse and intimidation of local citizens by insurgent groups operating in the region.

The shura brought together more than 100 elders representing Surri tribal areas across the Shin Kay district of Zabul province, and numerous provincial, district and police officials from the area. Five senior Hotek tribal leaders also attended.

During the gathering, Surri elders brought forward a local school teacher who had his ear cut off by insurgents for educating children.

"The Taliban's own code of conduct released last year says 'cutting noses, lips and ears of people is completely prohibited,' clearly they are not following their own supposed rules," said ISAF Joint Command spokesperson Col Hans Bush.

"Recent Shuras are showing growing dissatisfaction with insurgent abuses and a rejection of this kind of inhumane behavior," Bush added.