Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pakistan: S.O.S - Freedom convoy needed to break militants siege of "Pakistani Gaza"

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An S.O.S.message has been disseminated through the Internet by an organisation calling itself the Voice of Parachinar in the Kurram Agency of the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan, which, it is believed, represents the Shias of the Agency against whom an economic blockade has been imposed by the Sunni extremists of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the Lashkar-e-JhangvI (LEJ) for over two years now without any action allegedly being taken by the Government of Pakistan to break the blockade.

The message is reproduced below as it was received without correcting the spelling or grammar mistakes in the text.


OPEN LETTER:-FREEDOM CONVEY needed for pakistani Gaza(Parachinar) also & SALAM Plus tribute to Syed Talat Hussain.

We SALAM and pay our tribute to great Pakistani Journalist/Anchor Syed Talat Hussain for being a part of Freedom Flotila to end the Zionists siege imposed on Gaza strip.It is worth mentioning here that We the people of Pakistani Gaza(PARACHINAR) are also facing inhuman siege imposed jointly by militants so called Taliban(worse than Zionists) and establishment since April 2007 as the Gaza in palestine. And It was the same courageous Journalist/Anchor Syed Talt Hussain who only visited the Be-sieged Pakistani Gaza(PARACHINAR)and highlighited the misries and problems of the area in his Programme Live with Talt.Great syed talat Hussain for highlighting oppressed areas.

We demand the Pakistani Civil society ,media & Human Rights that they should try to broke the three years continous inhuman siege and blockadge of Pakistani Gaza(Parachinar) by sending FREEDOM CONVEY to end the Humantarian Crisis.

For this the boldness and courage like Syed talat Hussain is required if someone have.

We also want to FOCUS Via Media the step mother treatment of PIA that it have daily two flights to Gligit from Islamabad & Similarly from Peshawar to Chitral with nominal charges of Rs3500/-per head.

In PARACHINAR a full pledge Airport bigger than Chitral is present BUT PIA do not resume/start Flights to Parachinar EVEN the Parachinar is facing 3 years long imposed siege & blockagde jointly by estiblishment & milltants Taliban..................

Here it is the matter of great concern that Private aeroplanes of Peshawar Flying Club and one write-off plane of governor(Capicity of three & five seats respectively) are going to Peshawar charging Rs 9300/- per passenger as one side fare. Sources says that the PA admin(bureaucracy) & governor are reciving commission in flying club planes fare that is why they are creating hardles in starts or resun=ming of PIA Flights for Parachinar.As the demand supply is not fulfilled from these planes Therefore regular two PIA Flights are immediately required.

With addition to this on may31.2010 Chief or army staff visted Parachinar with three protocols helicopters But he did not announced Heli Service or C130 service for Be-siege Parachinar people…

RAISE & SHARE THIS ISSUE SO THAAT GOVT & PIA can start Daily Flights to parachinar.

The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai.

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