Saturday, June 05, 2010

Aid Flotilla: "Rachel Corrie" (regular updates)

Earlier it had been reported the peace ship "Rachel Corrie" had been boarded by the IDF. It was reported that the peace activists have been placed under arrest.

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Updates below

Update (10:45am London): Israeli troops have boarded the RachelCorrie with the full compliance of those on board

Update (8:22am London) Sky just reported, sourcing AP, that the IDF are now threatening to board

Update (8:12am London) AlJazeera: Activists have invited international organizations to inspect the ship. Al-Jazeera: Israeli commandos prepare to over-take.

Update: Situation still confusing. However, mainstream media organizations that were previously reporting the Rachel Corrie, had been boarded, are now saying the ship has not yet been boarded. Other reports suggest the ship is still headed to Gaza trailed by the Israeli navy.

Update: Activist on phone from the RachelCorrie: "Israeli troops are not on board. Radar jammed. No contact w/radio by Israeli troops." -Sky News

Update: Conflicting reports suggest the Rachel Corrie has not been boarded, but flanked by the Israeli Navy

Update: Reports coming in that the Rachel Corrie is to be taken to Ashdod

Update: al jazeera contact with RachelCorrie it has NOT been Boarded.

Update: AlJazeera : one of the activists on board is still good. Ship not boarded, but the Israelis are closely watching. Other news sources are reporting the ship has been captured.

Update: Irish radio reports confusion. Malaysia waiting for latest update from Malaysians onboard

There were unconfirmed reports that six Turkish destroyers are heading towards Gaza.

More later in the day - until approx 2pm UK time. Meanwhile, updates can be found on the trending topic #RachelCorrie on Twitter

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