Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP Oil Spill: Did BP fail to act on a method to stop the leak during top kill?

Robert Hunt, of Linear Power, Ltd., appeared before the Saint Bernard Parish Council in Louisiana during their session on June 1st while the "Top Kill" was still underway where he warned the council that BP's plan to cut the riser pipe would increase the flow of oil two to three fold, which government experts now confirm has happened. Hunt stated that he had pleaded with BP to take immediate action to employ his plan to use strong magnets to stop the leaking oil. Hunt also spoke to the Harrison County Mississippi Board of Supervisors during their June 7th meeting where they passed a resolution directed to BP, the Coast Guard, and the President requesting that they take immediate action upon ideas submitted to them by outside experts to find a solution to the leaking BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Well by experts like Hunt. Councilman at Large Wayne Landry of St. Bernard Parish confirmed that his council plans to pass a similar resolution.

TV Station ABC26 News in New Orleans,Louisiana that covered the St. Bernard Council meeting reported that Councilman Wayne Landry took Robert's electromagnetic information all the way to BP's upper echelon, but the men say BP isn't listening. Wayne stated, "Mr. Hunt's a brilliant guy. He has what seems to be like a legitimate solution to the problem." See the whole story at,0,2665711.story

Robert D. Hunt who is a former nuclear engineer that designed reactor components for the USS Nimitz and is the Founder of Linear Power, Ltd. that reworks deep oil and gas wells to convert them into long life geothermal power plants maintains that BP is not doing everything that it can do to stop the oil spill. "If at the start of the top kill process had BP listened and employed our magnetic top kill method, there would be no leaking oil today," Hunt declared. "BP isn't really searching in earnest for an outside solution, but I am not going to let it go. I am convinced that my magnetic field method can still greatly reduce or fully stop this devastating oil leak if BP would only use it." Apparently Landry feels the same way as Robert does as he plans to meet with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to discuss Hunt's solution.

The magnetic top kill idea that Hunt and co-worker George Reed came up with uses concrete that is mixed using pieces of magnetic metal instead of rocks. Powerful permanent magnets that are unaffected by depth are placed on the outside the casing of the well at the leaks where they attract the metallic solids in the concrete pumped over the magnets that draw it to where it is needed and where it is held in place by the powerful magnetic field in order to overcome the pressure of the oil. Graphics of the magnetic top kill process may be seen at the Hunt affiliated websites below.

Source: Linear Power, Ltd.