Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Russia: Medvedev - don't distort war history

FOCUS Information Agency - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned Tuesday that the history of the Great Patriotic war should not become a bargaining chip in any political games, Xinhua informs.

He said that the history of the Great Patriotic war has lately been understood "from the different angels", including those of " non-scientific nature".

"These interpretations are the tools to achieve certain political goals. Our decision to eternalize the memory of the war heroes aims not to let some politicians use the victory as a mean to serve their ambitions. Our people paid a price too high to be passive, when they face the war history distortions," the president said at a ceremony, after he added five more towns to the list of so-called "Cities of Military Honor," ahead of the 65th anniversary of Victory Day, bringing the total number of these cities to 27.

Some eastern European and CIS countries tried to re-evaluate the history of the Second World War in recent years, with some Soviet war monuments being sabotaged in these countries. Some historians even doubted the role of Soviet Union in the war, which caused Russia's concern.

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