Monday, April 26, 2010

Hitchen on United Nations gongs

The international glass-chinking body that despite being devoid of any semblance of unity, is known as The United Nations, has recently been busy handing out awards.

The President of Guyana and the President of the Maldives, were awarded the United Nations Champions of the Earth prize. Other winners included Afghanistan’s Director General of the National Environmental Protection Agency, and Chinese actress Zhou Xun.

Adding to the list of world leaders receiving prestigious and no doubt beneficial awards, is Malaysian Premier Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak. He, along with China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou, were named as winners of the 2010 ITU World Telecommunication and Information Society Award.

Do you notice anything about the winners? Yes, that's right - not one John or Jane Doe among them.

Everyday "ordinary" but dedicated men and women work their butts off, often in dangerous conditions, to achieve the alleged aims of the United Nations. They do not spend their time making speeches that repeat the same old tired and meaningless mantras - they are working hard to achieve what the U.N. elite only talk about. Yet rarely do I see any news of anyone "in the field" receiving an award for putting in the hard yards and overcoming political hurdles to make life better for those who suffer in ways we can't even begin to imagine.

Having said that, such people are not interested in awards with fancy titles, they receive their reward from the work that they do, seeing a life changed because of their efforts. They do it as a calling, not a career path or to flog a new CD or movie.

The meek do not inherit the earth, nor do they receive lucrative, beneficial, prestigious rewards. Such awards are reserved for the powerful and self-righteous, self-serving hypocrites.

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