Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Movies to make you think: "Si le Vent soulève les Sables" (Sounds of Sands)

I am trialing a new feature by posting short reviews and clips of movies that may appeal to the target demographic of this blog. It wont be a daily feature, just when I happen to see a movie that captures my attention. As the post title suggests, these are movies that make you think.

The first is "Si le Vent soulève les Sables" (Sounds of Sands). A family in the sub Sahara travel across the unforgiving desert in search of water. No particular countries are specified but the hazards they face such as war, rebels and scorching heat, are all prevalent in that part of the world.

Many will find the movie upsetting, especially one scene where a little girl has to walk through a minefield to test the route for a band of rebels. She has been told the danger by her father, but still treats it as a game.

The cinematography is beautiful and the background music haunting.

The film does however have drawbacks. There is a lack of reality about the family for instance and some of the scenes are a little artificial - as though they were put in as a "must have" situation.

Having said that, once you start watching you will want to see it through to the end.

Sound of Sands was adapted from Marc Durin-Valois' prize-winning novel Chamelle

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