Monday, February 08, 2010

Yemen: People-Power forces release of three protestors

The Yemen Times reports how people-power forced the release three demonstrators.

The blocking of a main road leading from Dhale to the capital city Sana’a for four days succeeded in pressurizing state security into releasing the final three members of southern movement detainees. These three were among the most active protestors from Al-Dhale who had participated in previous demonstrations against the state among another 70 protestors or so who were detained in the past two months in Aden political security prison.

Aden political security apparatus had received instructions to release all the detained protestors, yet it did in intervals across the past two months, leaving those three to the very last.

“The three detainees were released from the political security only to be detained immediately again by the general security of Aden. Hence the demonstrations and blocking of the roads in Al-Dhale,” said a local source to the Yemen Times.

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